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The SAGE-SR (self-report) checks for 24 common mental health disorders.

Developed by TeleSage, the SAGE-SR is anonymous, scientifically validated, and gives an instant report.

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All questions are simple and easy to understand. You can skip any question you don't want to answer. Most SAGE-SR assessments take 5 to 15 minutes to complete.


When you finish the SAGE-SR, you will automatically receive a detailed report that includes possible diagnoses to consider and a list of the symptoms you reported.


You can share your report with a medical professional to help them understand exactly how you are doing. SAGE-SR assessments, designed by a graduate of MIT and Harvard Medical School, are used by major research universities and clinics around the world.

What Makes the SAGE-SR Unique?

The SAGE-SR is:


The SAGE-SR does not ask for personally identifiable information such as your name, birthdate, location, etc. We even provide tips on how to pay anonymously!


The SAGE-SR is highly adaptive. Based on your response to each question, your assessment will selectively branch to the customized questions that are most important for you.


The SAGE-SR standardizes the response options, time frames, and question styles for a cohesive, efficient, and comprehensive assessment.


The SAGE-SR was created and validated by a team of mental healthcare professionals to assure that you will recieve the most informative self-report mental health assessment available.


For entertainment purposes

The SAGE-SR system is a comprehensive self-report psychological assessment, not a personality quiz.

A random collection of different public domain assessments

There are hundreds of older partially overlapping single-disorder assessments with different goals, timeframes, question types, and response options. By contrast, the SAGE-SR is a unified comprehensive assessment with sections that are fully complementary to one another.

A subscription service

No hidden or recurring fees! No wasting your time answering questions only to be hit by a fee in order to view the report. This one-time cost is paid upfront and will always be clearly marked.

Collecting your personally identifiable information

We do not use cookies for tracking and will NEVER sell your information.

Using the SAGE-SR is Easy:


Buy the SAGE-SR

The cost of the SAGE-SR is $15 (USD). You can pay with a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay to receive an account ID. You can also purchase an account ID for someone else.

Receive an anonymous account ID and use it to access your account

To access the account in the future, you will need to save the account ID! Because of the anonymity of the SAGE-SR, this ID cannot be recovered if you lose it.

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Take the SAGE-SR

Most SAGE-SR assessments only take 5 to 15 minutes to complete.

View and download your report

Your report will include relevant symptoms and possible diagnoses to consider. If you would like to access your report in the future, you will need to download it or save your account ID. It is available to download up to 12 months after the assessment is taken.

Bring your report to a clinician

If you find your assessment results helpful or think they might help a clinician to understand how you are feeling, please bring this report to your primary care clincian or specialist.

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What the SAGE-SR Covers

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Understanding Your Report

Working with a Clinician

The SAGE-SR report is intended to help you, and possibly your clinician, better understand how you are doing. The report includes a list of positive symptoms and possible diagnoses that should be considered.

Clinicians often don't have the time to ask all the questions they would like.

This report of symptoms may help your clinician see the unique difficulties that you are experiencing.

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Our Privacy Pledge

The answers you provide on the SAGE-SR assessment are kept anonymous and will never be associated with your name.

If you choose to download a copy of your report, the only way someone will know that it is yours is if you tell them.

Since we do not know who you are, we will be unable to provide you with the information again unless you keep your confidential account ID and use it to obtain a second copy of the report within the next 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this replace seeing a therapist?

While the SAGE-SR can help you identify important symptoms, only a licensed clincian can determine an actual diagnosis, if treatment is indicated, and what the best course of treatment might be.

Can this count as a second opinion?

The SAGE-SR is a tool that can help a clinician to identify the correct diagnosis. If the SAGE-SR report shows a different diagnosis from the one that your clinician believes is correct, you can review this report with them. Diagnoses often need to be revised based on new information. The SAGE-SR can help individuals advocate for themselves in a precise manner. It is often easier to point to SAGE-SR responses and specific symptoms than describe feelings that can be difficult to put into words.

I'm currently going to therapy for a disorder, but the SAGE-SR didn't list it, why?

If you are responding well to your treatment, that progress will be reflected in the SAGE-SR. You may no longer have the specific symptoms that caused you to enter treatment. This is a good thing!

I think I have a certain disorder, but the SAGE-SR said I have something else.

It is not unusual even for clinicians to disagree about what diagnosis a person has. The SAGE-SR asks questions systematically, and frequently catches diagnoses that clinicians may have missed. We hope that your clinician will consider the information provided in this report; however, they may have additional information that indicates to them what diagnoses are correct.

Can I take the SAGE-SR multiple times?

Yes! The SAGE-SR is very sensitive to change. We recommend that you wait at least a month before taking it again. We are also hard at work creating longitudinal versions that are shorter and more tailored to your initial assessment. Check back regularly for updates!

Is this service anonymous? How can I ensure anonymity?

The SAGE-SR was designed to be fully anonymous. This is evident by our refusing to allow any third party trackers onto the site. There are also no open-ended prompts in the SAGE-SR where identifying information could accidentally be entered. We also provide methods for paying anonymously as well. When we say the SAGE-SR is for YOU, we mean it!

See more tips on how to ensure your anonymity

Can I buy a SAGE-SR for someone else? How can they ensure their anonymity is protected?

Yes, you can buy a SAGE-SR for someone else. You can send them the account ID and they can sign in using the "Already have an account" section at the top of this page. Once in their account, they are able to change their account ID by using the "Change My Account ID" button to ensure that they are the only one who has access to their account and report.

How much does it cost?

A single SAGE-SR administration costs $15 USD. The SAGE-SR is not an assessment for entertainment purposes. This is a clinical-grade assessment and should be treated as such. Paying the fee indicates you are serious about your mental health. Not being fully honest in your responses only wastes your time and money.

Are there refunds?

No. We cannot provide refunds as we do not keep track of your information. We feel that anonymity has true value.

Is my data secured?

Yes. TeleSage uses fully HIPAA compliant procedures to handle and store data. TeleSage staff are trained in handling sensitive health information. Please do not provide us with any personally identifying information, we don't want it. The SAGE-SR is designed not to require any identifying information.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is secured in the HIPAA Compliant Microsoft Azure cloud. It is fully anonymous and encrypted both in transit (when you send an answer) and at rest (when the interview is complete).

Who developed the SAGE-SR?

Benjamin Brodey, MD, MPH, a graduate of Harvard Medical school, founded TeleSage in 1996 with the specific goal of increasing mental health access. Over the years our team, comprised of researchers and programmers, has received over 10 million dollars in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health. Our experience and expertise in this field is unrivaled. We are using this experience now to provide individuals with the tools they need to improve their lives. For more information on all that we do visit our website!

How was the SAGE-SR funded?

The SAGE-SR was developed in part with funding from the NIMH to address a need in mental health for a validated cohesive multi-domain instrument.

Can I learn more about the validity of the SAGE-SR?

You can learn more about the validation of the SAGE-SR by reading the original peer-reviewed article that was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

What should I do if I am having technical issues with the SAGE-SR?

Send us a message here and we would be happy to assist. Please note that because the SAGE-SR is anonymous, we cannot recover accounts with lost codes.

Take the SAGE-SR and gain insight.

Advocate for yourself.